5 amazing tips for having a great barbecue

The barbecue is one of the best and most traditional opportunities to gather family and friends around the table. But among the thousands of ways and techniques to prepare a barbecue, there are some tips and tricks that can make your life easier, increase the level of barbecue and ensure the satisfaction of your guests.

We’ve listed a few tips to help you be the next grill master in your class. Check out:

  1. Calculate the quantities well
    Planning is a key element to any barbecue. And to keep your guests from ending the day hungry, it’s always good to calculate the amount of meat you need before you go shopping.

Experts say that the ideal measure for a quality barbecue is 400 grams of meat per person. And you can distribute that amount between different types and cuts. In a barbecue for eight people, for example, the ideal is to buy 3.2 kg of meat, which can be 800 g of picanha, 800 g of rump, 800 g of chicken and 800 g of sausage or any other combination. It depends on the customer’s taste.

Also think that guests will be keeping an eye out for other delights, such as Queijo de Coalho Quatá and Pão de Alho Recheado. So be careful not to overdo it and buy too much meat.

  1. Let the meat at the right temperature
    There are a few tricks to getting the best out of your meat. One of them is to leave it at the correct temperature before putting it in the fire. The ideal is to take the meat out of the fridge at least 15 minutes before roasting.

For frozen meats, the process is longer. The best option is to take the meat from the freezer to the fridge about 24 hours before using it. But if you want to speed up the process a little, you can also soak the piece in a bowl of cold water, taking care never to let the meat come into direct contact with the water.

  1. Use other seasonings besides salt
    Another tip is to get away from common sense when seasoning the meat. Coarse salt is an essential element, but black pepper and some herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, are seasonings that help give the meat a distinctive flavor and go well on the barbecue.

If you want, you can also leave the seasoning for after preparation. So, everyone can season as they want. Chimichurri, for example, a traditional sauce made with herbs, garlic and olive oil, is very common in Argentina and Uruguay and is a hit whenever it’s on the table.