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With a bold and modern design, the Porteña by Scheer was developed inspired by the Buenos Aires barbecue, with the traditional Argentine grills (V-shape) and fat collectors. With the Porteña grill you gain more mobility when cooking roasts. The casters help in the locomotion and transport of the equipment. You can place it by the pool, in outdoor areas such as a country house or balcony.

The Porteña inox has a sophisticated look and its grilles and accessories are resistant to corrosion, to high temperatures and guarantee greater durability, resistance and hygiene to the equipment. This parrilla model has a wide variety of optional accessories that make the product a differentiated parrilla. You can equip it with different types of grills, a stainless steel brazier for separate burning of firewood or charcoal, an ember stirrer, a vegetable rest, a cutting support, a sauce tray and even a mobile skewer to make the traditional gaucho ribs.

*The wooden base at the bottom of the bench was replaced by metal. Check out technical information and accessories that come with the product by clicking on "See More".

To access the carbon steel version, click here.

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